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    40.5kV~550kVOil-SF6 dry-type condenser transformer bushing
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    Product use:Oil-SF6 dry-type condenser transformer bushings are mainly used for transition connection between oil-immersed power transformer and GIS or SF6 busbar tube. While operation, one end is in oil and the other end is in SF6 gas. The highest temperature of SF6 medium is 40℃, and the pressure does not higher than 0.55MPa (gauge pressure).。

    Service conditions

    · Ambient air temperature: -45℃- +60℃

    · Installation angle: arbitrarily

    Product structure it is mainly composed of conducting pole, RIP capacitor core, test tap,fittings, etc.


    Advantages of bushings:
    Ø Unique resin system and special buffer strips
    Ø The most advanced production equipment of the world guarantee the better electrical properties, heat-resistance and mechanical properties of RIP bushings series.
    Ø The lower weight and smaller volume make it easy for transportation, erection and maintenance.
            Ø Oil-free and gas-free design is more environmentally friendly, no risk of explosion;

    · 絕緣設計裕度大,采用進口皺紋紙浸漬樹脂作為主絕緣,以優質的鋁箔作為電容屏,保證產品極低的局部


    Ø Excellent performance ensures long-term stable online operation.

    Description of product type

    Product type code

    · BRFG Composite insulated RIP condenser transformer bushing

    · BRCG Porcelain insulated RIP condenser transformer bushing

    · BRQG Oil- SFRIP condenser transformer bushing

    · BROG Oil- oil RIP condenser transformer bushing

    · CRFG Composite insulated RIP condenser wall bushing

    · CRCG Porcelain insulated RIP condenser wall bushing

    · DRFG Composite insulated RIP condenser generator bushing

    · GRFG Composite insulated RIP condenser GIS outlet line bushing

    Structural features code

     L  means it can be equipped with current transformers; no L means it can not be equipped with current transformers.

    Classification code

     DC bushings are indicated with the letter Z; AC bushings are not expressed.

    Way of current carrying




    TableⅠ Main performance parameters of oil - SF6 dry-type condenser transformer bushings

    Schematic diagram of  oil- SF6 dry-type condenser transformer bushings


    Main dimensions of oil- SF6 dry-type condenser transformer bushings





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