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    35kV inter-layer post and 220kV bottom composite post insulator were put into operation in Zhoushan 5-terminal flexible DC power transmission project

     The world's first five-terminal flexible DC power transmission project -- Zhejiang Zhoushan ±200 kV five-terminal flexible DC technology demonstration project was officially put into operation on July 4th, 2014. The 35kV inter-layer post and 220kV composite post insulator at the bottom manufactured by PEIPORT are used as the support for the converter valve tower of flexible DC transmission in this project, and they run stably and are in good condition.


    This project is the world's first five-terminal flexible DC power transmission project, and also the world's largest number of terminals, the largest capacity of the same voltage level, the most complex operation of the DC island power supply network. Its successful operation marks China's standing on the commanding height in the field of flexible DC transmission in the world, and also provides power guarantee for the construction and development of Zhoushan Archipelago New Area, the first national new area with Marine economy as the theme in China. The project plays a good demonstration role for the large-scale promotion of flexible DC and ocean power transmission technology in the world, and provides an effective solution for the construction of strong smart grid.

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