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    Microgrid system application


    The company is committed to microgrid system planning and key equipment integration, including microgrid system planning and integration, diesel generator stability control system applied to microgrid and micro-energy management system, etc. The company has a professional team composed of senior engineers, doctors, masters and other high-quality talents, and the products have been applied in a number of national and provincial micro grid demonstration projects. Looking forward to our sincere cooperation, hand in hand to contribute clean energy, to build a strong smart grid.



    The company carries out the planning and design of the microgrid system and the comprehensive integration of the system. Through the coordinated scheduling of the microgrid source/grid/load/storage, the grid-connected microgrid system is realized and the multi-mode stable operation of the isolated island is realized, so as to meet users' all-round demand for high-quality energy supply.



    The company has integrated the diesel generator stability control system applied to the microgrid, which significantly enhances the stability of the diesel engine as the main power supply of the isolated network of the microgrid, and at the same time improves the dynamic response capacity of the active/reactive power of the diesel engine, and has achieved good application results.





    The company integrates the microgrid energy management system, combines the regional autonomy of the internal source/grid/load of the microgrid system with collaborative scheduling, and significantly improves the fault tolerance of the energy management system. The company utilizes the complementary development of multiple types of distributed power sources to enable the microgrid system to operate stably in multiple modes.



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