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    Company history

    In 1999

      ² Shandong Peiport Electric Power Science &Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Jinan, Shandong

    Depending on the powerful strength of Shandong Electric Power Institute, our company has pooled many professional talents specialized in electrical manufacturing and high voltage technology and sets up powerful R&D, production and pre-sales and after-sales service team.

    ² Developed 110kV and 220kV composite insulation gapless MOA


    From 2000-2003

    ² Developed Cold-contracting Cable Accessory 6kV-35kV

                 Such cable accessory includes end connector, intermediate connector and branch box of cables. It is characterized by good electrical and mechanical properties, small volume and easy installation and usage. 


    ²  Developed the Compound Insulation SF6 Current Transformer Series Product 110kV-500kV

    Compound insulation SF6 current transformer is one of the most competitive products in the series products of transformer made by our company after decades of efforts and its indexes generally conform to IEC standard. This product has won scientific and technological awards for several times.

    Compound insulation transformer is selected to be “National Torch Plan Project” by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China.

    ² The 110kV and 220kV composite insulation SF6 voltage transformer has been developed


    In 2004

    ² Passed ISO Quality System Certification

    The Company has passed ISO9000: 2000 quality management system certification and achieved the Certificate of Quality Management System Certification.




    ²  Exported Products 

           After exported lightening arrester to Iran in batches, it became the first time that the Company had exported its products overseas and entered into foreign market.

    In 2006

    ² The 220kV hollow composite insulator with embedded optical fiber has been developed.


    In 2007

    ²  4A Standardized Good Behavior Enterprise

    Our company obtained the Certificate of 4A Standardized Good Behavior Enterprise issued by Shandong Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervisor.   


    ² Developed 1100kV Composite Post Insulator


    From 2008-2010

    ² Developed Composite Hollow Insulator 1100kV

    ² Developed GIS Bushing 1100kV

    ² The ± 660kV embedded optical fiber hollow composite insulator has been developed

    ² The ± 800kV inflatable composite post insulator has been developed


    In 2011

    ² Our Company Prepared to Construct an Extra-high Voltage Product  Manufacture Base

        The base plans to have the large bushing manufacturing shop and advanced high-voltage test salle with introducing advanced modernized bushing production equipment and extra-high AC and DC test equipment.


    ² Assets Reorganization

       Our company has completed the reformation of shareholding system with withdrawing all the state-owned shares. 


    ² 1100kV dry composite post insulator has been developed

    ² The ± 800kV dry composite post insulator has been developed

    ² High tech enterprise certificate

    In November 2011, he obtained the certificate of high tech enterprise.       

    ² Standardized good practice certificate

    In November 2011, the company reviewed and obtained the certificate of standardized good practice.


    In 2012

    ² Laying foundation for UHV production base

    On March 14, 2012, the company held a foundation laying ceremony for UHV products production base in Zhangqiu.

    ² Environmental management system certification

    Obtained the environmental management system certification in November 2012.


    ² Certification certificate of occupational health and safety management system

    In November 2012, the company obtained the certificate of occupational health and safety management system.


    ² China Patent Shandong Star Enterprise Certificate

    In November 2012, he obtained the Chinese patent Shandong Star Enterprise Certificate.


    ² Shandong famous brand

    In December 2012, it was awarded the Shandong famous brand of "other shore brand composite insulation transformer".


    In 2013

    ² In March 2013, the company moved to the new factory

    At the end of March 2013, the company completed the relocation from the old factory area of Jinan high tech Zone to Zhangqiu UHV product production base.


    ² ISO9001:2008 quality management system

        In May 2013, it passed the review and obtained ISO9001:2008 quality management system certificate.


    ² RIP dry capacitive bushing project team established

    In June 2013, the company established a dry casing project team, dedicated to the research and development of rip dry capacitive bushing. Through technological innovation to lead the enterprise forward.


    In 2014

    ² UHV laboratory listed

    In May 2014, Shandong Provincial Institute of Metrology and Shandong Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement, and the UHV laboratory was settled in the other side of the country, filling the gap of UHV laboratory in the province.

    ² Intellectual property management system passed

    On July 25, 2014, Shandong Bi'An Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the national system certification of GB / t29490-2013 "enterprise intellectual property management specification", becoming the first enterprise in Jinan to pass the external audit of intellectual property implementation standard.

    ² High tech enterprise certificate

    On October 31, 2014, it obtained the certificate of high-tech enterprise.


    In 2015

    ² The company was approved as "member unit of insulator professional technical committee"

    In May 2015, Shandong Peiport Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. was granted the qualification of unit member of insulator professional technical committee of national transmission and distribution technical cooperation network.

    ² Shandong innovation platform

    In May 2015, according to the relevant provisions of "Shandong Engineering Laboratory Management Measures", the project of "Shandong UHV casing Engineering Laboratory" undertaken by the company was identified as Shandong Engineering Laboratory (Engineering Research Center) after evaluation and demonstration by Shandong development and Reform Commission.

    ² The company set up "Jinan colleges and universities graduates employment base"

    ² ERP System Online

    In order to strengthen the management and control of enterprises, ERP system was imported in August. Through the implementation of ERP, straighten out the business process of the company, standardize the management, strengthen the monitoring, improve the level of basic financial management, and actively seek benefits from management.


    ² The ± 1100kV DC wall bushing has been successfully developed

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