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    Listing ceremony of UHV laboratory held byShandong Peiport Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd.,

    On May 29, 2014, Shandong Peiport Power Technology Co., Ltd. and Shandong Metrology Research Institute signed a cooperation agreement and the unveiling ceremony of UHV laboratory was held in Shandong Bi'An Power Technology Co., Ltd. Zhang Minsheng, deputy director of the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, Guo Ping, director of the Metrology Department, Yang Yulong, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Jinan Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, Wang Bin, vice mayor of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee of Zhangqiu Municipal People's government, Luo Rong, chairman of Shandong Peiport Power Technology Co., Ltd., and Lin Zhenqiang, President of Shandong Academy of metrology, attended the ceremony.

    Deputy director Zhang Minsheng fully affirmed the establishment of UHV laboratory, and stressed that UHV laboratory conforms to the spirit of the central government in terms of system and mechanism innovation mode, which is an important embodiment of better integration of government departments and enterprises and the role of social resources. It has fully played the advantages of local, enterprise and technology, and made the laboratory of high-tech and high value-added service industry bigger and stronger All round cooperation in talent, asset qualification, etc.
    Chairman Luo Rong and President Lin Zhenqiang of Shandong Peiport Power 


    The establishment of the UHV Laboratory of Shandong Institute of metrology has filled the gap of the UHV laboratory in Shandong Province. Through the integration of regional science and technology resources and the exertion of regional science and technology advantages, it has completed a huge reform of government guidance, enterprise participation and market operation, and has received good economic and social effects.

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