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    The ± 1100kV SF6 gas DC wall bushing passed the project acceptance

    On November 17, 2015, the key technology project of State Grid Corporation of China, led by China Electric Power Research Institute, successfully passed the acceptance. The prototype of ± 1100kV SF6 gas insulated through wall bushing (model: cfqz - ± 1100 / 5454-4) of the scientific research project is developed, designed, manufactured, installed and debugged by Peiport electric. This research achievement will comprehensively improve the design and manufacturing level of UHVDC bushing in China, which is of great significance to break the foreign monopoly on UHVDC bushing and realize the localization of UHVDC bushing.

    The bottleneck of UHV HVDC project and its domestic construction has been restricted. At present, the DC bushing used in UHVDC converter station in China completely relies on foreign imports, and the development of ± 1100kV UHVDC bushing is a worldwide problem, which is still in the preliminary research stage at home and abroad.

    This project has established the optimization design platform of UHVDC bushing with independent intellectual property rights, solved the optimization design of internal and external insulation structure of UHVDC bushing, manufacturing process and key test technology, and comprehensively mastered the core technology of UHVDC bushing development and test with independent intellectual property rights. The "U" shaped structure of ± 1100kV UHVDC wall bushing has reached the international leading level, which fills many gaps in the research field of UHVDC wall bushing at home and abroad, and also marks a new step in the field of UHV insulation design, production and manufacturing.


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